Friday, August 12, 2005

Oh no, might I be growing emotionally?!

Several things have transpired that have made me wonder if I might be turning some kind of emotional corner with my divorce and my sport-fucking. Surfer-scientist (S-s), someone I only briefly mentioned before (ref: What?! Is the moon in "Fuck with Claire"?!) is a case in point. For any of this to make any sense at all I have to start from the beginning with this one. Early in the year I had received a reply from S-s from a post I had on __ personals. I had not responded initially, but a few weeks later I contacted him via IM on impulse. He was there, we chatted for over an hour, and he met many of my criteria right off the bat - smart, smart, smart, and naughty. He asked me if I'd like to have dinner with him, and of course I would! He picked me up and went for a nice meal and several martinis and chatted easily about lots of things. It was going well. He asked if he could come in to hear the latest Collective Soul CD that I had mentioned, and again, of course that was working on my end. We came in and listened to music for a bit and the next thing I know, no transition whatsoever, he's all over me. He was very attractive, and our smarty-pants conversations had really turned me on, so BRING IT. It was good, and got better "I want to taste your pussy." We moved to the bed and proceeded to have quite a lot of fun with one another. He found my "Yes! Fuck me!" when he took me from behind inspirational. The best part about S-s was that he wasn't that cuddly. Seriously, that was something I liked about him. He wasn't putting it on for anyone's benefit - we were fucking, not snuggling. I haven't particularly enjoyed "sleep overs"; my general preference is that they leave. S-s got a passcard on that one becuase he could be counted on for morning sugar, a particular favorite of mine. We saw one another several times. We even had the "conversation" about the fact that interactions did not have to evolve and our contact could be very casual and essentially about sex. He was always a bit weirdly distant, though. Example, he's lying in my bed as I get up to take a shower for work, and doesn't say anything. I'm in the shower ONE minute and I hear "Bye, Claire." What? Did he break the world dressing record just so he could "escape" when I was showering?! He could be counted on for shit like that. Then months went by with no word from him. I had emailed him once and got nothing. I figured that was that. Then he strangely asks if I want company one night in early July. A few weeks ago I decided I would see what was happening there. I replied to his email from July and just said "Hey, how are you?" He replied immediately and we exchanged a few messages when his starting getting dirty - my favorite! I was toying with him - waiting to hit "send" on my replies. His messages suddenly went cold and I got the "I'm starving, gotta go eat" message he's now famous for. I decided to ignore that one and hit "send" on my reply to one of his naughty messages from earlier. To my great surprise the next message is an invitation to dinner. I accepted. We met and had a very nice time at dinner. Really, it was the best time we had had out of bed together. Still, I found myself really noticing how socially akward he seemed to be. He's a very handsome, brilliant man, but he is a bit stilted and doesn't seem entirely comfortable in his skin. We left the restuarant and he followed me back to my place. We had great sex. As soon as it was over I wanted him to go. I realized that if I never saw him again it wouldn't matter to me. This was in stark contrast to my feelings from the time he had disappeared. I was sure it was me, and was so disappointed that we couldn't work out the fuck-buddy deal. I mean the sex is great, he's fun to talk to ... what's not to like? Well, now I knew what wasn't to like. He asked if he could stay, and I decided that sure, it would be alright, besides I was pretty sure I'd get morning dessert, so what the hell. The next morning was yummy, as I thought it might be, and when it was time I got up to shower asking him "Are you going to jet or snooze?" He didn't answer and I went to shower. Two minutes later I hear "Bye, Claire." only this time he stuck his head in the shower to give me a kiss. I knew right then that it was him, and not me. I also knew that while he was the pinnacle of what I was looking for months ago, he isn't any more. The only difference is me - he's exactly the same. I was blown away. It was exactly the stuff that attracted me before that turned me off now. Damn, now the bar has really been raised...


Tuesday, August 09, 2005

TWO HOURS, by the digital clock....

OK, so the encore... Yes, we are talking about my "present distraction" from the end of May (reference: Hi, you're hot. Want to come to my house and fuck?). He topped it, yes you read right. It took a few days of persistent IM to get him pinned down. In the end we decided he would come over that night, a Wednesday. It was 11:30 by the time he made his hour+ drive to see me. We snuggled on the sofa chatting and catching up. It was wonderful, easy, comfortable. I ran my hand up his chest while we talked; he ran his over my hips. An hour into the chat he said "do we still have our clothes on. We need to fix that." Yes, we do! I excused myself to the bathroom and came out to find him naked on my bed - YES THERE IS A GOD! Damn, he is so fine. I climbed up onto him to kiss him deeply which he allowed for less than 5 minutes before he pulled me up and onto his mouth. I casually noted the time, no particular reason except my clock was in my face. He proceeded to do that incredible, indescribable licking/sucking that he does oh so well. I managed to get him off my kitty long enough to swallow his thick, hard cock for a few minutes only to find him throwing me back down as he dived in for more. Seriously now, how long does one expect to be eaten? Well, after 5 orgasms, I thought I had to be done and started letting my mind wander a bit, as he was clearly still right where he wanted to be. To my great surprise, more than once, I found myself snapping out of a mundane thought to find an incredible climax. Damn. Just, damn. Finally I sat up and realized it was now 2:30 AM and aside from the few moments he let me play, he had been going down for two hours. Moment of silence here to respect the man's clear talent....... I threw him back and sucked him deep into my throat. He liked that. Remembering that he would fuck my mouth if I put his hands on my head, I wasted no time. It was so hot. He fucked my mouth with abandon; hands deep in my hair, fabulous sounds escaping his throat, muffled groans escaping mine. Suddenly he pulled me off his cock and up to kiss him; deep, wet, hot - I nearly came again. This was followed by the obligatory condom-business before I climbed up and onto him. He was not content to let me ride him, no. He picked me up and proceeded to fuck me senseless until he decided it was time to get behind me - yes, baby. I was already past oblivian, but he managed to pull a few more orgasms from me, where he found them, I have NO idea. I thought it couldn't be hotter until I heard "yeah, baby, I'm gonna cum" followed by the sound of a condom being ripped off and the feeling of his hot cum all over my back. He collapsed on top of me and we lay there numb and happy and sticky. Now, I'm working on securing session number three. Wish me luck, there's little I wouldn't do to find myself naked with this man again. I only hope I don't have to wait another 2 months.


Saturday, June 18, 2005

Act Two: With The Actor

The Actor came by after returning from a shoot abroad. The boys were happy to see him, and still oblivious to the undercurrent. The Actor is a patron of the Museum of Modern Art, and asked me if I would be his date to attend a reception for the artist whose work would be exhibited. I was thrilled to attend, but a little sketchy of going public with this.

There were light showers, and I had the dilemma of dressing very sexy---afterall, it was a reception at an art museum...very little black dress, or should I be practical and less sexy? I opted for the latter (much to Sammie's chagrine), and wore a short black skirt, tights, boots, and clingy black top, with a plunging neckline.

We met at the martini bar, which is a block away from the MOMA. I had a dirty martini, and he had straight vodka on the rocks. The conversation was familiar...but there was a level of tension between us. Although we were officially out on this "date" we had not crossed any lines with one another yet. It was still all too neighborly.

Then we had martini and vodka number two.

We glided into the entrance of the MOMA. It was crowded...The Actor kept running into people that he knew, and he would introduce me. Clearly we were there together. It was strange.

Then we had martini and vodka number three and four.

We visited the new exhibit. It was crowded, and frankly, after all of the martinis--- all art was beginning to look abstract to me. The Actor and I stepped outside for some air. He lit up Turkish cigarettes, that he had brought from his last shoot there, and offered me one. We sat outside, chatted and smoked for a bit, before he suggested we leave and grab a bite to eat.

There is a very popular bar that serves tapas close to the MOMA, and we headed over. We were seated at a booth, and I excused myself to go to the bathroom. When I returned, two pint glasses of an amber ale and a smiling Actor greeted me. I slid in next to him. He kissed me. He pulled me into him, wrapped his arms around me and kissed me perfectly, full, wet but not too wet, his tongue searching, soft yet commanding, and aaaahhhh...I was in heaven! I asked him if he had done this before..."What?" he asked. "Dated somebody's mother before" I answered. He said, " Actually, no, are my first". I looked at him in disbelief. He is 48, single eligible, a sculpture of a man, and he has never dated a woman with children? No. He assured me, absolutely never before. It was a rule with him. So I had to ask him the obvious---"Why me?".
"It is because you are sweet, and kind, and I can tell that you are a very good and goodhearted person. I like you." he said.

Gee, that was more than enough for me. If he thought I was a nice, good hearted, good girl, I think I must have shocked him. I was on the prowl now. My devil side had been awakened. We mashed like teenagers in the booth. I had noticed that he always had an eye for my breasts, and when given the opportunity to grope, he lost no time. Kissing him was electrifying to me...I could feel my wetness, and wanted him to feel it too. My hand traveled to the huge lump at the front of his pants. How many times had a stared and wondered...and now, I could actually feel it! I kneaded his very eager erection with both hands, through his pants. I could feel the spot of pre-cum that I was producing, and he was beside himself. "We need to get you home..." he said.

We walked a few short blocks to his car, stopping when we could not hold back the intense energy between us. He threw me up against the brick side of a church and pumped me as he kissed me, both of us fully clothed and standing. We walked a half a block more, and the same thing happened. Finally, we got into his little black sports car and sped to his house, where he quietly took me by the hand and led me to his bedroom. I had never been there before, and was surprised by it's simplicity. It was tastefully decorated, but definitely a masculine room. The actor turned the sheets down, undressed me, and kissed me as he lowered me onto the bed. He undressed. The lighting was low, but on, so that I could fully enjoy seeing his naked body. It was beautiful. I was amazed---here I am, the mother of three children, an imperfect body, and here I am. For this, I liked him even more. He was HUNG! We made out, but the alcohol had taken it's toll on I was with The Actor, FINALLY, and I could hardly keep my eyes open. He fingered me, and was pleased to find out how wet he made me. He was very skilled with the use of both his tongue and his fingers...I came easily three times. He slid inside of me and at first just let the head of his penis enter, then suddenly he rammed it into me. I gasped. He took my bent legs, held onto my knees and fucked me hard. Next, he flipped me over and entered me from behind. I was over the top. I hadn't such an exquisite fucking in---I could not remember when. He told me that the condom was making it difficult for him, so off it came, and he schooled me on how to stroke him. I stroked and sucked him. Up and down...I would wriggle my tongue down the length of his cock, as I was sliding it deep into my throat, and I could feel this unbelievably rigid cock go even harder. I slid his entire member down deep, feeling his head pressing, choking the back of my throat. His hands guided my hands as I pumped his cock with my hand and sucked it at the same time. He was watching me. He liked to watch my long raven hair as my head would move up and plunge down again. My lips were wrapped tightly around him. I sucked, I slurped, I feasted. It was unbelievable to suck his cock...he was so into it. The actor moved my hair away from my face as he watched me suck him. Finally, he came....and he came...and he came....quite delicious he was.


Helena IMs Sammie

helena (11:53:49 AM): hey sweetstuff
sammieboicutie (11:54:01 AM): i wanted to know if you wanted to go and see Margaret Cho tonight.
sammieboicutie (11:54:06 AM): Claire says she wants to go
sammiboicutie (11:54:18 AM): tickets are 50.00
helena (11:54:25 AM): i can't---my weekend with the kiddies
helena (11:54:28 AM): wahhhhhhh!
sammieboicutie (11:54:30 AM): damn
helena (11:54:36 AM): i i said before...wahhh...i have also decided that i am not going to allow myself to have sex until i lose three pounds.
sammieboicutie (11:54:53 AM): oh well, there will be other events
sammieboicutie (11:55:04 AM): poor girl
sammieboicutie (11:55:10 AM): oh let me tell you my bad news!
sammieboicutie (11:55:14 AM): so... you remember starbucks boy...
helena (11:55:27 AM): uh oh...i know you, and this already sounds like trouble...
helena(11:55:37 AM): i thought you were playing coy...that he doesn' know you are interested...
sammieboicutie (11:55:42 AM): i saw him on wednesday and we were chatting and he mentioned that it was his bday last week
helena (11:55:47 AM): and....?
sammieboicutie (11:55:53 AM): and he turned 21!
helena (11:55:54 AM): and, can you to blow out his candle?
sammieboicutie (11:55:55 AM): 21! fuck you
helena (11:55:59 AM): jesus!
sammieboicutie (11:56:01 AM): i know
helena (11:56:12 AM): what are you going to do? come now.....cute, latin, mmm...gimme a younger man anytime!
helena (11:56:17 AM): just go for it.
sammieboicutie (11:56:25 AM): i was bummed that he was so young but on the other hand i get snaps for getting hit on byt a 21 year old!
helena (11:57:22 AM): you go, girl! you are so funny!
sammieboicutie (11:57:26 AM): well, the thing is that i am sooo tempted to still slip him my # but i know now that he is 21 i will always see him at the club and that is just too much
helena (11:57:35 AM): may have your very own 5xboner there. Do you remember 5x boner?----am trying to get rid of him. He wants to meet Claire.
sammieboicutie (11:57:56 AM): i heard
sammieboicutie (11:58:04 AM): did you tell me on Tuesday about that?
helena (11:58:15 AM): no...that was the other one--- baseball guy, also wants claire
sammieboicutie (11:58:26 AM): damn her
helena (11:58:31 AM): now the lit professor (5xboner) wants claire
helena(11:58:37 AM): so I introduced them by IM
sammieboicutie (11:58:48 AM): good deal
helena (11:59:01 AM): we need to get you that barista
helena (11:59:06 AM): or is it baristo?
sammieboicutie (11:59:09 AM): no i don't need it
helena (11:59:24 AM): honey---you need sumpin, sumpin
sammieboicutie (11:59:49 AM): well you know tonight is Friday and it is a full moon, no telling what can happen
helena (11:59:57 AM): omigod you are trouble
helena (12:00:03 PM): don't do anything I wouldn't do.
sammieboicutie (12:00:13 PM): remeber who you are talking to
helena(12:00:26 PM): ha haaaaaaaaah! that's just it...i do remember who i am talking to!
helena (12:00:40 PM): don't drink anything that I wouldn't drink
sammieboicutie (12:00:52 PM): do i even have to reply to that
helena (12:01:01 PM): I am laughing so hard.
helena (12:01:08 PM): Hey---I have to scoot.
sammieboicutie (12:01:13 PM): ok, have fun this weekend
helena (12:01:16 PM): you too.
helena (12:01:21 PM): bye!
sammieboicutie(12:01:25 PM): bye

Saturday, June 11, 2005

The Inbetweens

You have to understand, that when I decided to go out, and enjoy myself...I did so like a racehorse exiting the starting gates! I was off and running. Yes, I had a spanking good time with the attorney, but it was being asked out by the actor that really did it to me. He asked me out on his own. I did not pursue him. This was exactly what my ego needed.

It was as if I had a sign over my head that said, "SHE IS SINGLE!". I can't explain it. Men were making small-talk with me everywhere I went. The bookstore, the grocery store, the produce stand, the streetcar, at work, at the did not matter where, but suddenly, men were falling from the sky. Nothing had changed, except that I finally accepted that I was single, and that it was okay to date.

Online dating was an easy intro to meeting new people...and men who just want to get off. I will give the quick run-down:

Former MLB Baseball Player: From now on we will refer to him as "Baseball Mike". Baseball Mike was a walking sculpture of a man: 6'3", muscular, good looking and seemingly normal. We had IM'ed for a few weeks and finally decided to meet. We had a wonderful dinner and drinks one evening. We were having such a good time that we decided not to end the date, and instead go to a movie. Once the lights went down, he was all over me. He kept trying to guide my hand to his huge erection. It was completely distracting to the couple sitting a few seats away from us. Having had a few glasses of champagne, I was a bit desensitized, so I didn't mind at the time. When he drove me back to my car, though, and whipped his pants open, I did mind. "Please Honey, just jack me off". I told him, that I just wanted to watch him do it. So he did! I had just suggested that from pure curiousity, to see if he would...and...he did. I ignored him on the IM for the next two months. He still pops up now and then, leaving me online messages, wanting me to watch him get off.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

What?! Is the moon in "Fuck with Claire"?!

So, I don't even know how to begin. Dan (ref: "Now there are three bars..." and "Second date...) and I were trying to make plans to see one another tonight. Sounds simple enough. I sent an email at 10 stating very clearly that I had become available, and would like to see him if he was free. Several emails flew back and forth - each a bit confused. At 6:30 I left him a msg, as I said I would. At 7 he called. Two minutes into the call we lose the connection. He doesn't call back, so I leave him a message telling him to call me if he does want to do something. He calls again at 8 and plays a weird whistle into the phone. After saying hello twice and getting the whistle twice, I hang up. He calls again and accuses me of not having a sense of humor. I should have figure it out right then, but NO. (where is Sammie when I need him?!) We proceed to try to figure out plans. I should say I was in the mood to stay in. I invited him to come over and watch a movie and have some wine. He was clearly uncomfortable, so I gave him the out. Instead he proceeds to aggressively try to get me to go out. He tries the "your old and tired" bit - very classy, very endearing. He moves on to "I'm trying to meet you near your house. You're the one that won't budge." - sure, if I hadn't already declared that I wasn't into going out, that might fit. Anyway, peppered throughout this lovely tirade are comments about my other "booty calls", something that he has tried to discuss with me before, which I have politely refused to go into - DISRESPECTFUL to all concerned in my book. I directly told him that I didn't appreciate those comments, and wanted him to stop. The first time I told him that he said "goodnight" and hung up. Then the obsessive voicemail messages began. In total he called 6 more times. I answered one only to have him be rude and then tell me he wanted to come over (!); that one ended with him telling me he didn't want to talk with me any more and hanging up AGAIN! I received 3 more voicemail messages and an email after that. Eek! Now I fear I have a stalker. To make things even more interesting, in the middle of the conflict with Dan I received an email from "Surfer-scientist", someone I haven't brought you up to date with, as I thought he was long, long gone. Anyway, Surfer sends a simple message "How are you? Any plans tonight, want some company?". I haven't seen or heard from him in over 2 months. To say I was surprised to get a message would be an understatement. As things with Dan had exploded I decided to reply. Instead of sending an email I looked for him on IM and saw that he was there, so I msged him a hello. He responded and we engaged in a mildly flirty exchange for a few minutes, including his recalling some moments from some of our previous encounters. He tells me he is starving and is going to get some food, "talk later". Can someone please explain that to me? Seriously, the stars are in a weird, bad place for me. Dan turns out to be a freak, and Surfer reappears to just as abruptly disappear. I suppose the upside is that it couldn't get much worse. Well, and the fact that I have a tentative date with "Sir" tomorrow night. "Sir" is someone Helena should introduce you to...


Blog Party

I have been extremely busy at work, and with the school year coming to a close for the kids, so---please forgive my absence this week from the blog. I am excited about a reception I will attend this afternoon in The City---it is being put together by a local news station, and they have invited 300 bloggers. It will be interesting to meet others who have weblogs (hoping for some cute ones!). Unfortunately, both Claire and Sammie have plans, so I will have to go at it on my own.

Off to the gym for me, and to take the boys to their lessons. I hope to have something juicy when I return...


Friday, June 03, 2005

The Second Date with Dan...Still Fun.

The second date was fun, too. We had dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, but first he took me for a glass of champagne at a neighboring bar; it was sweet. He seemed a bit nervous, but he was still quite talkative and lots of fun. At dinner he made me do the ordering, so I decided on a mix of small plates. We continued to catch up on the 23 unfinished conversations from our previous martini-soaked date, and realized anew that we did enjoy one another's company. Mid-way through dinner he stopped and told me I looked beautiful. He said it was such reverence I nearly laughed, but thankfully I managed to choke back the giggle and say thanks. After dinner we stood outside the restaurant trying to decide where to go next. He couldn't help it; suddenly he is all over me. We were necking in the street - AGAIN. What is it with this guy?! He is now a fountain of statements of my "extreme hottness", so OK, it was working. We settle on a bar nearby and order a couple of cosmos. The heavy flirting continued, as did the PG-13 groping. The garage where I parked closed at midnight. I offered him a ride, which he accepted readily. We were only in the car for 3 minutes before he took great advantage of the fact that I was driving. Somehow his hand was in my pants, under my panties "oh, you are so wet. I love a girl that gets so wet." I had the task of trying to drive in urban traffic, one way streets, double-parked cars, etc while following the directions of the man who was fingering my kitty. Somehow I managed to not attract the attention of the police and delivered him to his desination safely. Whew! So we are seeing each other again very, very soon.


Sunday, May 29, 2005


Before you get the wrong idea, Sammie isn't on either of our "teams". In fact, Sammie plays for the other team. You know the one, witty, smart, fit, fabulous, too cute to be straight. He's the only man to be trusted. Even though he does dish the hard commentary, we both love him. It is Sammie that preaches about "context clues" and chides us for giving the time of day to a few of the boyz we have dated. It is Sammie that emphasizes the "two call rule"; more than two calls in one day from a man = LOSER. We are ever grateful for his tutelege. He is the biggest bitch we know, the best bar-scamp and a better girl than either of us on his good days. He lives vicariously through our escapades and loves the stories that leave him clutching his pearls screaming "shut up!" It is through Sammie that we came to realize that we are worse than gay men. GASP!

Helena & Claire

Hi, you're hot. Want to come to my house and fuck?

My "present distraction" and I finally met. We had IM'd a bit more, and the chat was increasingly nasty and the view on the webcam fantastically compelling - OUCH. It was clear that the potential for mind-blowing sex was there, if nothing else. Not that anything else had been ruled out; in fact the more contact there was, the more that other things seemed possible. At this point, however, I knew I wanted to fuck him. We agreed to touch base mid-day and see when we could meet. In the end it was 7 before he was on the road on his 1 hr + drive. I racked my brain for a place we could meet, but all I kept thinking was, "I don't want to be in public with this man, I want to be in my bed." When he called from nearby and asked where we were going to meet, I decided he was coming over. He was hotter in person than on the web, by far. Tall, hazel eyes, hard arms/shoulders/chest, lean and hot. His smile was sweet and his behavior was completely gentlemanly. We talked easily, and had a really nice time getting to know one another. A few hours into the evening we found ourselves on the sofa talking and listening to music. He was holding my feet; admiring my pedicure and toe rings. Running his hands up the leg of my jeans his touch was firm, controlled. I so wanted this man to throw me down right then. Fortunately, I didn't have to wait long. Kissing up my abdomen, he stopped and said, "is there anywhere we could go that's a bit more rectanglar? The floor perhaps?" I lead him to my bed and hopped up. I am a bit short and the bed is rather high. I knew he was getting a fine show of my ass. We exploded. Our clothes were off in an instant; we didn't bother to undress one another, just quickly shed our own clothes in a heap on the floor. The kisses were amazing. Deep, wet intense - none of that dead-lip bullshit. His hands were comanding and urgent. I felt his touch deeply as he pawed me and turned this way and that on top of the bed. Then he went down. Holy fuck. I have NEVER, yes I said NEVER, been devoured as this man devoured me. It might have been hours, and he left no millimeter un-licked, un-sucked, or un-probed. I don't generally cum with oral. Don't get me wrong, I definitely enjoy it, but it doesn't often trip me over. This was a completely different story. The only thing that topped it was when I guided his hands to my head while I swallowed his cock, and he grabbed firm hold of my hair and fucked my mouth hard. Oh, yes.... Please, oh please, let this one make an encore.


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